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We can't wait to meet you!  Thank you so much for visiting our website.  We could spend a bunch of time telling you about all the amazing things going on at The Mission Cincinnati, but we'd rather you come and see for yourself.  So scroll down and plan your first visit!

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So where IS 

The Mission Cincinnati?


We meet at the Evanston Recreation Center, 3204 Woodburn Ave. Cincinnati OH 45207.  

Our services are every Sunday at 10 AM.  We put the coffee & bagels out at 9:30, so come early to enjoy some food and meet some folks!


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What is 

The Mission like?


Services at the Mission are a unique blend of ancient and modern, combining deep and thoughtful liturgy and prayer with passionate contemporary worship.  Each week you'll hear a relevant and engaging message based on the Bible, and every service ends with us sharing communion.  Our services last about 80 minutes.


What about Kids?

Every week at the Mission we offer a safe and nurturing Mission Nursery environment for infants and toddlers as well as a Mission Kids Children's Ministry Program featuring The Bible Project Curriculum for children ages 5-10.

If you have an infant or toddler, you can drop them off in the nursery room which is the windowed "computer room" right next to the welcome space & hospitality tables.

Our children remain with the whole church for the opening songs of worship and then are dismissed to Mission Kids during the announcements.

Children of all ages are also more than welcome to stay with you in worship! 

All of our Mission Kids leaders and Nursery workers have sustained background checks and are Safe Church certified.

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Anything Else I Should Know?


When you arrive, make sure to pick up a copy of the bulletin from the welcome table.  Not only will it give you a roadmap for our service, but it will offer explanations of every aspect of our worship and why we do what we do.  

If you want, you can also email our Pastor William Eavenson at prior to your visit to let us know you're coming.  That way we'll be able to make sure we say hello and welcome you when you arrive!

If you are attending for the first time and your children have any special needs you would like us to be aware up, please contact prior to your visit so we can make sure we are ready to welcome you and care for your children well!

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Mission Communities


Mission Communities


At the Mission Cincinnati, we seek to cultivate and experience life together at the heart of the church.  We do this through Mission Communities.


 Mission Communities are midweek, neighborhood-based, small groups that meet  in homes and on campuses across the city together regularly for food, fellowship, discussion, prayer, and local mission. 

Interested in starting a new Mission Community?  

Contact with your name, neighborhood, and idea, and we'll reach out to get you started with next steps!

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Americans, by and large, are power junkies.  The "great" ones among us are known for the power they have that everyone else doesn't--wealth, fame, talent, strength.  We can be tempted to believe that every good thing in our world--love, security, peace, dignity--is scarce and must be grasped when available, held tight, and never shared.

At the Mission Cincinnati, we believe in and seek to follow a Jesus who is the King of a Kingdom.  In Jesus's Kingdom the good things of love, security, peace, and dignity are not scarce, but ABUNDANT!  There is so much of them on hand and we get to GIVE THEM AWAY!  This is Jesus' way of exercising power: by serving.

We desire to empower every person to serve one another in the Church and in the wider community in ways that bring joy and allow each person to contribute their God-given gifts and personality so that all of us are built up together.  This involves learning about ourselves, figuring out what God has blessed us with uniquely that we might give it away in joy to others!  In this way we will be a church empowered to be like Jesus.

At the Mission Cincinnati, we are called to SERVE.


At The Mission Cincinnati, there are many ways to get involved through serving including our Sunday Service Team, volunteering with seasonal neighborhood outreaches, or joining hands in ministry with one of our many city partners.

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Our Sunday worship is not a spectator sport.  Everyone plays a part in worshiping God and ministering to His people.  From music, to making coffee, to setting up chairs, to greeting people, to ministering to our children, to leading prayers, there are tons of ways to serve on Sundays at the Mission!  Interested in serving with us?  Contact Derek Duncan at



We love our city and we believe God has called us to pray for our city and to seek it's welfare.  That is why we serve regularly in Evanston and throughout Uptown Cincinnati through seasonal events like a Trunk or Treat, an Easter Egg Hunt, a Christmas Potluck, manning the dunk tank at District 2 National Night Out, tutoring at Evanston Academy, prayer walking in neighborhoods and so much more!  Interested in serving with us in the community?  Stay tuned to our Parish Calendar to learn about upcoming opportunities to serve.  You can also contact Charles Dudley, our Director of Community Outreach at

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Jesus calls churches to work together to reveal His Kingdom on Earth as it is in heaven.  To that end, The Mission Cincinnati has built relationships with many different city partner organizations.  We work and serve WITH these groups to seek the welfare of our city.  Interested in serving with one of our city partners?  Contact

Click logo tiles to view our city partners' pages:

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"Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."

~ Philippians 4:6-7

At The Mission, we believe in a God who not only created all things, but who actively sustains everything and everyone with His presence, power, and love.  We are a church that believes in the power of prayer.  

Is there something you would like us to pray for you for?  If so, please fill out the prayer request form below.  Our staff will take time to pray for requests each Tuesday morning.


Name *
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Employment Opportunities


Employment Opportunities



We believe that ministry is best sustained by teamwork.  To that end, we are prayerfully building a team of high-capacity, catalytic, and Christ-centered ministry leaders who will live into God’s vision for planting this church and love our city of Cincinnati TOGETHER.  God has called us to big things.  Our world needs to see Jesus in so many ways and places.  We cannot do this on our own.  We are looking for fellow ministers and co-laborers who want to join us on mission to build Christ’s Church, to love God’s people, and to serve His world. 

Do you think God might calling you to join our team?  If so we'd love to hear from you!  But first, please take some time to pray, review our website, and examine the "what we're looking for" criteria and job descriptions below.  We want to make sure you are confident that we are a good fit for you!  When you are ready to apply, please fill out and submit an initial application through the portal below and email a copy of your resume to  We will reach out to you within a few weeks!

What We Are Looking For

Character: A ministry team, by definition, must operate with a lot of trust; character is the foundation of trustworthiness.  We expect each other to operate with Christ-like maturity and to be quick to make things right when things go off the rails.  While its true that we’re all in process in many ways, we expect a foundation of humility, honesty, and unselfishness from each other.

Competence: We aren’t just looking for “good-hearted” people.  If we’re compensating a position, its because we need particular skills in order to catalyze the health and growth of the entire church.  We’re not interested in creating a performance culture which often carries toxicity, but we do expect excellence.

Chemistry: It’s not enough to be a “good person” and competent.  Teams that produce great fruit are ones that have people who complement and round out each other.  They’re teams that flow together and understand each other.  They operate with a shared imagination, a sense of intuition (which is not a substitute for a lot of really good communication).  IT’s not enough to just like working together; we need to be headed in the same direction.  If you’re interested in a job at The Mission Cincinnati, please spend a significant amount of time looking over our website (, our sending church’s website ( so you can know if we’re a good fit for you.

Commitment: Ministry in inner-city Cincinnati is quite an experience.  There’s a challenge factor that can make it rewarding, but make no mistake, its difficult and frustrating on many occasions.  For a team to be healthy, we need a measure of community and perseverance.  We’re not asking for the rest of your life, just a healthy sense of expectations and good communication.  We realize that Christ calls us; our job is to obey. 

Comaraderie: Last, but not least, we are looking for comrades.  Ministry is exponentially more sustainable and enjoyable when everyone knows that “we’re in it together.”  We celebrate and grieve together.  We experience the trenches together.  We laugh and enjoy ourselves because we like each other.

Available Positions

Director/Pastor of Creative Arts // Part Time (with possibility of future full time growth)

The Mission Cincinnati seeks a creative-arts focused worship leader who values cultivating musical & aesthetic excellence, developing community through the arts, and reaching our city through their gifts.

Hours Per Week:            15 with possibility for future growth, even to full time

Reports to:                       Rector/Lead Pastor

Supports:                         Preaching & Worship Teams with possibility of also supporting Communications, Administration, Literary Arts Teams          depending on gifting, experience, and personality.


  • Build on strong foundations of musicianship to lead our church in fostering a theologically rich, stylistically diverse (including ancient hymnody, thoughtful contemporary, and Gospel), spirit-filled, musically excellent, and passionate expression of musical worship in Sunday services.
  • Oversee, coordinate, lead, and care for current church musicians.
  • In coordination with the rector, plan musical worship sets, and create necessary audio/visual presentations for services.
  • Build relationships with local artists & musicians, partner for community artistic events, invite artists into our worshipping community, and raise them up as leaders of current and future worship teams. 
  • Grow in love for Jesus and His people, and in personal understanding of the role of musical worship at the intersection of 21st century urban mission and the liturgical church.

Weekly Responsibilities (Baseline Necessity)

  • Attend and contribute to preaching team and staff meetings (2 hrs.)
  • Schedule musicians, create set lists, song charts, and slides, and practice (2.5 hrs.)
  • Lead musicians‘ rehearsal (1 hr)
  • Lead Sunday worship and assist with general Sunday service needs (2.5 hrs)
  • Build relationships with local artists & musicians (4 hrs)
  • Involvement in a Mission Community & Personal Discipleship (3 hrs)

Other Responsibilities (Taken on & Assigned at Present or in the Future Depending on Gifts & Interests of the Candidate.  To be discussed during interview process.)


  • Bring creative leadership to church-wide communications & visual presentation including graphic design and content management of website, social media, and promotion.
  • Cast vision for our church musicians to write and record original music and catalyze these creative projects.
  • Participate in or lead our emerging Writers‘ Coalition that will create monthly articles for our church blog on impotant topics at the intersection of Christ & culture.
  • Assist as able or needed with church-wide special projects and/or administration.


  • Fully & enthusiastically embrace the vision, mission, and values of our church.
  • Be able to lead worship vocally and instrumentally at a high level of excellence (from either keyboard, guitar, or both) solo or as the leader of a multi-piece band.
  • Exhibit strong leadership, administration, and inter-personal skills.
  • Possess technical knowledge for A/V & production.
  • Demonstrate sensitivity to, and familiarity with different genres of music, art, poetry, readings, and dance that would enhance the worship experience of a diverse racial and social demographic.
  • Possess familiarity with liturgical worship styles or be open to learning about them and the role of musical worship within this context.
  • Demonstrate mature personal discipleship, passionate and contageous love for Jesus and His people, and pursue a continued commitment to personal holiness

Application Process

In summary, there are core requirements for this position that a successful applicant must possess.  Outside of these, there is great flexibility for what this position can become, including the longterm possibility of full-time work, ordination, and multi-team leadership.  The specifics of the job description will vary depending on how the gifts and calling of the applicant intersect with our church’s needs.  We will receive applications until the successful candidate is found and the position is filled.

We look forward to starting conversations with people who feel called to creative, catalytic, missional church leadership!


To Apply, please fill out and submit the initial job application below and send a copy of your resume to our rector at  If we believe your application represents a good match, we will contact you about a follow-up interview and possible on-site visit.  

Initial Application

If you are ready to apply for a position at The Mission Cincinnati, please fill out this initial application, submit it, and email a copy of your resume to  Once we have received these documents, we will reach out shortly!  Thank you for your interest in being a part of what God is doing at The Mission Cincinnati!  We look forward to hearing from you!

Name *
It doesn't need to be too in-depth; we just want to know how you describe yourself in a snapshot
What is your ability/comfort/capacity when it comes to raising financial support to supplement what The Mission Cincinnati can pay you at this point being that we're a church plant? *
How would you rate yourself in terms of being a "self-starter" / taking initiative? *
How would you characterize the way you relate to people? *
Just curious about your agenda here! =)